Devcon 2024 updates - Secure your tickets, apply to speak, and get involved!

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Ethereum’s Devcon 7 conference is coming up in November 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand. Tickets are now on sale, speaker applications are open, and volunteers are needed.

Key Points

  • :tickets: Devcon ticket sales are open now, with various discounts available
  • :microphone: Speaker applications are open until July 30, covering 10 programming tracks
  • :handshake: Volunteers are needed to help out during the event
  • :thailand: Ethereum SEA Day will be held on November 11, the day before Devcon
  • :globe_with_meridians: Devcon initiatives include a Supporter Program, Impact Teams, and Devcon Improvement Proposals (DIPs)

In-depth Summary

The Ethereum Foundation has announced several updates for Devcon 7, which will take place in Bangkok, Thailand from November 12-15, 2024. Ticket sales are now open, with various discounts available for Ethereum contributors and community groups. The speaker application process is also underway, with a deadline of July 30. The Foundation is looking for educational talks covering topics relevant to Ethereum, across 10 programming tracks.

In addition to the main Devcon event, there will be an Ethereum SEA Day on November 11, focused on the Southeast Asian Ethereum ecosystem. The Foundation has also launched initiatives like the Supporter Program, which allows teams and companies to receive Devcon tickets in bulk while supporting Ethereum-related public goods, and the Impact Teams program, which offers 2 Devcon tickets to teams making a significant impact on Ethereum.

The Foundation is encouraging the community to get involved in various ways, such as volunteering, submitting Devcon Improvement Proposals (DIPs), and organizing local “Road to Devcon” events in Southeast Asia.


Ethereum is having a big conference called Devcon in Bangkok, Thailand in November 2024. You can now buy tickets to go, and the Ethereum Foundation is looking for people to give talks and help out at the event. There are also some special programs where you can get discounted tickets or support important Ethereum projects.

Writer’s Main Point

The main goal of this article is to provide the Ethereum community with all the necessary information and opportunities to get involved in Devcon 7, whether as an attendee, speaker, volunteer, or supporter of Ethereum-related initiatives.

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