Why join Alpha Cave?

Section alpha cave is exclusive to Alpha Hunters only.

This is an experiment, I believe this approach and an active group of people can save each other a lot of time. There aren’t many Alpha Hunters yet as I onboard not many people to improve our alpha cave.

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Only a selected group of members can get (and keep) access to this section.

  • Must have linked Twitter to your account to verify ownership.
  • Regular Participation is a requirement to keep access.
  • Apply to become an Alpha Hunter if you feel like - you can also be selected based on user activity.

Why become an Alpha Hunter?

  • Stay up to date in a non-cluttered way, without scrolling and filtering endless Telegram chats and Discord servers.
  • Access to the Alpha Hunter Wiki & Research sections
  • Access to the Alpha Inbox
  • Connect with like-minded people

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