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The crypto market has faced challenges in recent months, with altcoins experiencing significant drops, but Bitcoin has remained relatively stable. However, there are several bullish catalysts on the horizon, including potential FED rate cuts, the US presidential elections, and FTX cash repayments.

Key Points

  • :us::de: Governments selling BTC putting pressure on the market
  • :moneybag: Upcoming ETF approvals could unlock $9 billion in ETH
  • :money_mouth_face: Despite the downturn, some projects like BananaGun are seeing $15 million in daily volume

In-depth Summary

The crypto market has faced a challenging few months, with many altcoins seeing drops of 60-70%. This is due to a combination of factors, including increased selling pressure from the US and German governments, the upcoming Mt. Gox BTC repayments, and seasonal trends. Additionally, the upcoming Ethereum ETFs are expected to unlock $9 billion worth of ETH from the Grayscale Ethereum Trust.

Despite these challenges, the author believes that the bull market is not over. Looking ahead to Q4 2024, there are several bullish catalysts, including potential FED rate cuts, the US presidential elections (which have historically been bullish for crypto), and the FTX cash repayments, which will see $16 billion distributed to former FTX users, many of whom are likely to reinvest in crypto.

While the summer may remain choppy, an uptrend is expected by the end of the season or in autumn. The author suggests that now might be a good time to accumulate high-conviction coins, as patience and conviction will be rewarded.


The crypto market has been going through a tough time lately, with many altcoins (coins other than Bitcoin) losing a lot of their value. This is because of things like governments selling their Bitcoin, and some big events happening in the crypto world. But the author thinks that the market will start to get better by the end of the year, with things like the US government making changes that could help crypto, and people who lost money from FTX getting their money back and putting it back into crypto.

Writer’s Main Point

The author believes that while the crypto market is facing challenges in the short term, there are several bullish catalysts on the horizon that could drive a market recovery by the end of 2024. They recommend that investors remain patient and focus on accumulating high-conviction coins, as the market is expected to rebound.

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