Telegram Updates - Rick Sanchez :telegram:

Read about the latest updates and announcements about Rick Sanchez for Telegram :telegram:

Everyone feature + delete price checks

A neat feature: ping a chat - like @everyone in Discord. Rick will force-pin the notification. Everyone will be notified.

There are three ways to do this.

  1. Ping existing message: Reply to any message you want to ping with /ping
  2. Fast ping: you said some shit and just want to alert the group: type /ping
  3. Message ping: Rick will post your message and force-pin in directly: /ping get rekt

Delete a message from Rick

Checked the wrong price?

Since we don’t have reactions like Discord, you can delete any pricemessage (actually any message from Rick) by just replying with x within 1 minute.

:warning: Permissions needed: Admin + delete messages + pin messages.

Telegram preferences :telegram:

Group chat admins can now use /pricemode adv and /pricemode sim to change the response style for the autoresponder.

The default is simple, /x command is the same as advanced which you are all probably familiar with, the new /z command will respond with the short widget.

/x will always show the advanced widget and /z will always show the short widget, regardless of your group preference.

New beta feature: CoinGecko lookup

Telegram users can now look up CoinGecko tokens with /a <search query>, for example: /a xmr

If you’re noticing any responsiveness issues with @RickBurpBot (and other Telegram bots!) it’s because the Telegram Bot API is having issues at the moment. Main website is also unreachable.