Server Admin Documentation - Rick Sanchez

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  • :warning: For Rick to work, his highest ranking role needs the following custom color: #B0F646, as it matches Rick’s embeds and profile picture.

  • To add a leaderboard to your server, create a read-only channel with the needed permissions, and provide Lux#3333 with the channel ID.

    • The leaderboard is automated and unvetted, in your channel description you should add a DYOR warning.
  • Rick needs the following permissions for the channels where you want him to be, to work properly.

    • View Channel
    • Send Messages (optionally: send messages in threads)
    • Read Message History
    • Manage Messages (to clean up commands and rate-limit notices)
    • Embed Links
    • Use External Emojis
    • Member roles you want to give access to /commands need “Use Application Commands”
    • :exclamation: Never give third-party bots admin rights!
  • To disable Rick, remove read/send permissions from the desired channel. Note: this will also stop tracking tokens that your members check.