Ricklog - Announcements

I’ve pushed an initial release of the credit system. Every user and chat will get some free credits to try out the features of their first interaction. Also, usernames in Telegram & Discord are now anonymized before sending them to AI models.

The feature is released in Telegram :telegram: and Discord :discord:


Credits can be bought either for a group chat or personally. Members will always use their personal balance before using the group balance. Anyone can buy credits for any group.

With this update, all commands are available for anyone to use, including the custom AI with internet access (command: /uhh in Telegram or .ask in Discord).

Usage in DM’s is also possible now.

Read more about Credits - Rick Sanchez


Because Telegram has a focus on “privacy” and LLM privacy terms are not the best, Rick now always encrypts usernames before sending chat history to LLMs. This feature is also implemented in Discord.