Ricklog - Announcements

Server limit, GPT4 analysis

Introducing a new GPT4 contract analysis command, including great speed upgrades on leaderboard generation commands.

Discord server limit

Rick is currently in 100 servers, this is the hard limit for unverified bots. Verification is pending, but it might take a while. If you’re unable to add Rick to your server, it’s because he is in 100 servers.

GPT4 Contract Analysis

Users who bought credits, are able to do a GPT4 analysis for any verified ETH contract. More about credits.

In Discord, you can use the following commands:

.aica <contract> - GPT3.5 Analysis - 20 credits

.ap <contract> (or /aicapro) - GPT4 Analysis - 75 credits

In Telegram, the same can be done with /aicapro. Group/servers and trial credits can not be used for this command.

GPT4 analysis is significantly better and more in depth then a GPT3.5 analysis. However, you should still take it with a grain of salt. It can give insights to any contract, but still lacks on detecting every piece of malicious code. So, DYOR in any case.

AI analysis are cached, if you a hit a cache, you will get a 60% discount on the cost. Credits are automatically subtracted after every completed command - even if you requested it earlier.

All commands

Commands for Discord - Rick Sanchez :discord:

Telegram Docs - Rick Sanchez :telegram: