Ranked: The World’s 50 Largest Private Equity Firms

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TLDR :cherry_blossom:

This article provides an overview of the world’s 50 largest private equity firms, highlighting their capital raising and global reach.

Key Points :dizzy:

  • Blackstone is the largest private equity firm, raising $125.6 billion in capital over the past 5 years.
  • North American firms dominate the top 50, accounting for 72% of the total capital raised.
  • Europe is a distant second, with 9.7% of the capital raised.
  • Hillhouse Capital Group is the top Asian firm, based in Hong Kong.

In-depth Summary :two_hearts:

The article delves into the world of private equity, an industry that has seen rapid growth in recent years. According to McKinsey & Company, private equity firms now control $8.2 trillion in assets globally, more than doubling in the last five years.

The ranking of the top 50 private equity firms is based on the scale of capital raised over the five-year period ending March 31, 2023. Blackstone, the largest firm, raised an impressive $125.6 billion, followed by KKR and Sweden’s EQT, each raising over $100 billion. This was the first time three firms achieved this milestone in the PEI ranking.

The data reveals the dominance of North American private equity firms, which account for 36 of the top 50 firms and 72% of the total capital raised. Europe is a distant second, with 9 firms making up 9.7% of the capital. Asia’s top representative is Hillhouse Capital Group, a Hong Kong-based firm that has backed several prominent Chinese tech companies.

ELI5 :lollipop:

This article talks about the biggest companies that invest in other businesses. The top one is called Blackstone, and it raised a lot of money - $125 billion! Most of the biggest investment companies are from the United States, with only a few from Europe and Asia. These companies use the money they raise to buy and invest in other companies, helping them grow.

Writer’s Main Point :hibiscus:

The article highlights the dominance of North American private equity firms in the global landscape, with Blackstone leading the pack as the world’s largest private equity firm.

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