Ranked: The Top Startup Cities Around the World

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This article ranks the top startup cities around the world based on factors like fundraising activity, venture capital deals, and exit value. San Francisco, New York, and Beijing lead the pack, showcasing the global rise of tech hubs beyond Silicon Valley.

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  • San Francisco tops the list, raising $427.6 billion in capital over 6 years and home to nearly 20% of US startups.
  • Beijing and Shanghai are the top-ranking non-US cities, driven by government-backed funding for “hard tech” like semiconductors and EVs.
  • Singapore has the highest venture capital funding per capita globally, at $1,060 per person.

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The article examines the global landscape of startup ecosystems, highlighting the top cities based on data from Pitchbook. San Francisco dominates the rankings, raising an astounding $427.6 billion in capital over 6 years and hosting nearly 20% of US startups. New York City follows closely, raising $179.9 billion.

Beyond the US, Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai are rising as prominent tech hubs, fueled by government-backed funding for strategic industries like semiconductors and electric vehicles. Singapore also stands out, with the highest venture capital funding per capita worldwide at $1,060 per person.

The article provides a comprehensive look at the global startup landscape, showcasing how tech innovation is spreading beyond traditional centers like Silicon Valley. The rankings underscore the evolving nature of entrepreneurship, as new ecosystems emerge to challenge the dominance of American cities.

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This article looks at the top cities in the world where new tech companies (startups) are being created and growing. The city that is #1 is San Francisco in the USA, which has raised the most money from investors and has the most new tech companies. Other top cities include New York, Beijing, and Shanghai. These cities are becoming really important for tech startups because they have a lot of talented people, money from investors, and support from the government.

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The key point of the article is to highlight the global rise of startup ecosystems beyond the traditional Silicon Valley hub. While the US still dominates, cities in China and Asia are emerging as prominent tech centers, driven by factors like government support and access to capital. The rankings showcase the evolving nature of entrepreneurship on a global scale.

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