Ranked: Countries Where Youth are the Most Unhappy, Relative to Older Generations

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The article examines the growing gap in happiness between younger and older generations across different countries, with the youth being much unhappier than their older counterparts.

Key Points :dizzy:

  • Mauritius has the biggest happiness gap, with youth ranking 57 places lower than older adults.
  • The U.S., Canada, and China also have large happiness gaps between generations.
  • Factors like housing affordability, climate anxiety, and economic inequities are contributing to youth unhappiness in many countries.

In-depth Summary :thought_balloon:

The article explores the findings from the latest World Happiness Report, which not only ranks countries by overall happiness, but also delves into the disparities in happiness between age groups within each country. It highlights the countries where the youth (under 30) are significantly less happy compared to older adults (60+).

Mauritius tops the list, with a massive 57-place gap between the happiness rankings of the two age groups. This is likely due to factors like the pandemic’s impact on the tourism industry and high youth unemployment. Other countries with large happiness gaps include the U.S., Canada, China, and Japan, where younger generations are grappling with issues like housing affordability, climate anxiety, and economic inequities.

The article suggests that while it’s not inherently bad for older generations to be happier, the stark contrast in happiness levels between the young and old in these countries points to unique stresses and challenges faced by the youth. Understanding and addressing these generational divides could be crucial for fostering overall societal well-being.

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The article talks about how in some countries, young people are much more unhappy than older people. For example, in Mauritius, the younger people are way less happy than the older people. This could be because of things like not being able to find good jobs or afford their own homes, or being worried about the future of the planet. The article says it’s important to understand and fix these differences in happiness between the young and old in these countries.

Writer’s Main Point :star2:

The primary point of the article is to highlight the growing disparity in happiness levels between younger and older generations across various countries, and to emphasize the need to understand and address the unique challenges faced by the youth that are contributing to this concerning trend.

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