Polkadot’s $37M Marketing Spend Falls Flat: A Call for Web3-Specific Strategies

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Polkadot’s $37M marketing spend in Q1-Q2 2024 yielded underwhelming results, highlighting the need for web3-specific strategies.

Key Points :key:

  • High marketing spend ($37M) but low visibility and impact
  • Traditional marketing approaches are ineffective in the web3 space
  • Propose reallocating funds to web3-specific strategies like developer grants, hackathons, and community programs
  • Focus on metrics like developer adoption, daily active addresses, and community engagement rather than traditional marketing ROI

In-depth Summary

The article analyzes Polkadot’s $37M marketing spend in Q1-Q2 2024, which was allocated across various channels like ads, sponsorships, events, influencers, and digital ads. However, the results have been underwhelming, with Polkadot’s market presence remaining subdued despite the significant investment.

The author hypothesizes that traditional marketing approaches are ineffective in the web3 space, and proposes a shift towards web3-specific strategies. This includes allocating 70% of the ad/sponsorship budget to developer grants and 30% to hackathons, partnering with tech thought leaders and crypto educators for influencer marketing, and dedicating 15% of the total budget to community programs like ambassadors, educational content, and local meetups.

Additionally, the author suggests setting aside 20% of the budget for strategic grants to projects with proven traction on other chains and innovative use cases unique to Polkadot’s architecture. For digital ads, the focus should be on creating in-depth technical content, case studies, and comparisons, and distributing them through developer forums, tech blogs, and YouTube tutorials.

The article emphasizes the importance of implementing robust analytics to track the source of new developers, conversion rates from marketing touchpoints to active chain participants, and the correlation between marketing activities and on-chain metrics. This data-driven approach will help inform future strategy refinements.


Polkadot spent a lot of money ($37 million) on marketing, but it didn’t seem to work very well. The author thinks that the traditional ways of marketing don’t work as well in the web3 world. Instead, they suggest that Polkadot should focus more on things like giving money to developers to build cool new apps, hosting hackathons, and building a strong community. They also think Polkadot should use more technical and educational content in their marketing, rather than just regular ads.

Writer’s Main Point

The main point of the article is that Polkadot’s current marketing strategy is misaligned with the dynamics of the web3 market, and they should shift towards a more data-driven, developer and community-centric approach to drive meaningful growth and adoption.

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