Parsec Weekly #76

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TLDR :cherry_blossom:

This article discusses the upcoming Blast token generation event (TGE), the evolution of the airdrop farming cycle, and the current state of the Blast ecosystem.

Key Points :dizzy:

  • The Blast TGE is finally happening on June 27th, and Blur stakers/Blast gold farmers are about to see the results of their efforts.
  • The ‘airdrop fractal’ pattern that was common in 2021/2022 is becoming less profitable as the market becomes more efficient.
  • Despite the farming focus, Blast has become the 6th largest chain by TVL, with some top DeFi protocols like Thruster and Juice amassing significant TVL.
  • There are expectations that the Blast token may have room for upside, as the sentiment across crypto Twitter is quite negative.

In-depth Summary :crescent_moon:

The article discusses the upcoming Blast token generation event (TGE), which is set to go live on June 27th. The author reflects on the ‘airdrop fractal’ pattern that was common in 2021/2022, where traders could reliably profit from the predictable price movements of newly airdropped tokens. However, as the market has become more efficient, these ‘free’ trades have become less common.

Despite the farming focus, the Blast ecosystem has grown significantly, with the chain now ranking 6th by total value locked (TVL). Some of the top DeFi protocols on Blast, such as Thruster and Juice, have amassed sizeable TVLs. The author also notes that some lesser-known projects, like Wasabi, have also seen significant growth on the Blast chain.

The author believes that the negative sentiment surrounding Blast across crypto Twitter may actually create an opportunity for the token to see upside, as expectations are relatively low. However, the author acknowledges that many whales have been involved in Blur staking and Blast farming since the beginning, which could impact the token’s performance.

ELI5 :lollipop:

This article talks about a new cryptocurrency called Blast that is about to have its big launch. In the past, when new cryptocurrencies were launched, there were often easy ways for people to make money by trading them. But as time goes on, those easy trades become harder to find.

Even though Blast has been focused a lot on farming (where people earn the cryptocurrency by doing certain tasks), it has actually become one of the biggest and most important cryptocurrencies out there. Some of the biggest projects in the crypto world are now using Blast.

The author thinks that because a lot of people are expecting Blast to do poorly, it might actually end up doing better than people think. But there are also a lot of big investors who have been involved with Blast since the beginning, so it’s hard to say for sure what will happen.

Writer’s Main Point :star2:

The main point of the article is to discuss the upcoming Blast token generation event (TGE) and the current state of the Blast ecosystem. The author highlights the evolution of the ‘airdrop fractal’ pattern, the growth of Blast’s TVL, and the potential for the Blast token to see upside due to low expectations.

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