Next Step in the Evolution of On-Chain Analysis: New, Granular Cohorts for Key On-Chain Metrics

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TLDR :cherry_blossom:

Glassnode has launched a new suite of 28 on-chain metrics that provide unprecedented depth and granularity for analyzing the digital asset market, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Key Points :gem:

  • New metrics segment data by age of holdings and wallet size, offering deeper insights into capital flows, asset fundamentals, and market sentiment.
  • Address-based methodology enables consistent comparisons across different blockchain architectures.
  • Tailored dashboards for short-term and long-term investors to optimize trading and investment strategies.
  • Aims to aid institutions in diversifying their portfolios and capitalizing on trends in assets beyond Bitcoin.

In-depth Summary :hibiscus:

Glassnode, a leading provider of on-chain analytics, has announced the launch of a pioneering suite of 28 new metrics that offer unrivaled perspective on the digital asset market. These metrics are designed to address complex questions about market dynamics, enhancing users’ ability to make informed decisions based on detailed cohort analysis.

The new metrics segment data by the age of holdings and wallet size, providing a more intuitive view of asset flows and holdings. This allows users to explore questions such as how investor actions impact asset valuations, the distribution of network wealth between larger and smaller wallets, and the differences in unrealized losses between new and older investors.

The address-based methodology used in these metrics facilitates consistent comparisons across different blockchain architectures, from Ethereum’s account model to Bitcoin’s UTXO system. This approach paves the way for integrating thousands more assets into Glassnode’s platform in the future.

To help users make the most of these new metrics, Glassnode has developed dedicated dashboards tailored to distinct investment timelines. The Short-Term Holder Dashboard focuses on the spending behavior and market sentiment of short-term holders, while the Long-Term Holder Dashboard analyzes the deeper, more sustained market trends affecting long-term holders.

Writer’s Main Point :cherry_blossom:

Glassnode’s new suite of on-chain metrics represents a significant step forward in the evolution of on-chain analysis, providing users with unprecedented depth and granularity to navigate the increasingly diverse digital asset landscape.