My RWA Watchlist in 1 Liner

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TLDR: :mag: A comprehensive watchlist of promising Real World Asset (RWA) projects in the crypto space.

Key Points:

  • :eyes: Unpopular prediction: RWA will dominate the crypto cycle in 2025 and flip DeFi.
  • :moneybag: Watchlist includes projects like $PRO, $EWT, $SOB, $BST, $STBU, $CHEX, $RWA, $DETF, $LDNX, $LAND, $FFM, $5IRE, $Lingocoins, and $plumenetwork.
  • :globe_with_meridians: These projects cover a range of RWA-related areas like tokenization, commodities, sustainability, and more.

In-depth Summary:

The author shares their RWA (Real World Asset) watchlist for 2025, making an “unpopular prediction” that RWA will dominate the crypto cycle and flip DeFi. The watchlist includes a diverse range of projects, each with a unique focus within the RWA space.

Some highlights include $PRO (listed on Coinbase), $EWT (the “only coin on the crossroads of DePin, RWA, and Carbon future”), $SOB (just conducted a buyback and burn), $BST (tokenized over $94 million worth of property globally), and $STBU (tokenized $650 million in RWA assets).

Other projects like $CHEX, $RWA, $DETF, $LDNX, $LAND, $FFM, $5IRE, $Lingocoins, and $plumenetwork cover areas such as exchange listings, commodities tokenization, sustainability, and more. The author emphasizes the growth and potential of these RWA-focused projects.


The author is sharing a list of crypto projects that are focused on real-world assets, like property, commodities, and sustainability. They think these types of projects will become more popular than the current popular decentralized finance (DeFi) projects in the next year or two.

Writer’s Main Point:

The author believes that Real World Asset (RWA) projects will dominate the crypto space in 2025, flipping the current focus on DeFi. They have provided a comprehensive watchlist of promising RWA-focused projects for investors to consider.