Mapped: The Top Export in Each EU Country

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This article maps the top export product for each European Union (EU) country, revealing that cars, petroleum, and pharmaceuticals dominate the EU’s diverse economy.

Key Points :key:

  • Cars and petroleum products are the top exports for many EU countries.
  • Germany, the EU’s largest economy, exports $149 billion worth of cars annually.
  • Other key exports include planes, helicopters, and spacecraft (France), packaged medicines (Ireland, Italy, Denmark), and integrated circuits (Malta).
  • The EU exports over $6 trillion in products globally each year.

In-depth Summary :memo:

The European Union (EU) is a powerhouse of economic activity, exporting over $6 trillion in products annually. This map showcases the top export product for each EU member state as of 2022.

Many countries have petroleum-based products as their top export, including Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Lithuania, Sweden, and the Netherlands. The Netherlands alone exported $68.1 billion worth of refined petroleum in 2022, making it the third-largest exporter globally.

Automobiles and automotive parts are also a major driver of EU exports. Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Spain all have cars or car parts as their top export. Germany, home to brands like Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, generates around $149 billion per year from car exports.

Beyond cars and petroleum, the EU economy is diversified. France’s top export is planes, helicopters, and spacecraft, while Ireland, Italy, and Denmark excel in the packaged medicines industry. Ireland hosts major pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Novartis.

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The European Union is really good at making and selling stuff all around the world. The most popular things they sell are cars, oil, and medicines. Germany is the biggest car exporter, the Netherlands is the third-biggest oil exporter, and Ireland is home to lots of big medicine companies. Overall, the EU exports over $6 trillion worth of products every year!

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The key takeaway is that the European Union has a highly diversified economy, with cars, petroleum products, and pharmaceuticals being the top exports for many member states. This highlights the economic strength and global reach of the EU as a trading bloc.

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