Mapped: The Number of AI Startups By Country

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This article maps the number of AI startups by country, highlighting the US, China, and UK as the top 3 hubs for AI innovation.

Key Points :key:

  • The US leads with 5,509 newly funded AI startups from 2013-2023, followed by China (1,446) and the UK (727).
  • AI infrastructure, research, and governance received the most private investment ($18.3B) in 2023, followed by natural language processing ($8.1B).
  • The US is widening its lead, with 22% growth in AI investment in 2023, while China (-44%) and the UK (-14.1%) saw declines.

In-depth Summary :memo:

This article from Visual Capitalist visualizes data on the number of AI startups by country over the past decade. The US dominates the landscape with 5,509 newly funded AI startups from 2013-2023, far outpacing China (1,446) and the UK (727) in second and third place.

The data also breaks down where the private investment in AI is flowing. The top focus area is AI infrastructure, research, and governance, receiving $18.3 billion in 2023. Natural language processing was the second biggest at $8.1 billion. This highlights the strong demand for AI technologies that can power business applications and services.

Interestingly, the US is widening its lead even further, with 22% growth in AI investment in 2023. In contrast, China (-44%) and the UK (-14.1%) saw declines over the same period. This suggests the US is cementing its position as the global hub for AI innovation and startups.

ELI5 :robot:

The article shows that the United States has the most new AI companies starting up, way more than any other country. The US has over 5,500 new AI startups in the last 10 years, while China has around 1,400 and the UK has 700.

The money being invested in these AI companies is mostly going towards building the core AI technology and software, as well as using AI for things like understanding human language. The US is getting even more investment in AI compared to other countries recently.

Writer’s Main Point :bulb:

The key takeaway is that the US has firmly established itself as the global leader in AI startup activity and private investment, with a significant lead over other major tech hubs like China and the UK. This data highlights the US’s dominance in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.