Mapped: Europe’s GDP Per Capita, by Country

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This article provides a detailed map of Europe’s GDP per capita by country, highlighting the economic disparities across the region.

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  • Luxembourg, Ireland, and Switzerland are the richest countries in Europe, with GDP per capita over $100,000.
  • Nordic countries like Norway, Iceland, and Denmark also rank highly, while Eastern European nations like Ukraine have much lower GDP per capita.
  • Ukraine’s economy has historically underperformed, with challenges like corruption, limited tax base, and the impact of the 2022 invasion.

In-depth Summary :books:

The article presents a comprehensive map of Europe’s GDP per capita, showcasing the economic diversity across the continent. Luxembourg, Ireland, and Switzerland lead the pack with GDP per capita exceeding $100,000, while Nordic countries like Norway, Iceland, and Denmark also rank highly.

The major economies of Germany, the UK, and France fall closer to the middle of the top 20, with GDP per capita around $50,000. In contrast, Eastern European nations like Ukraine, Moldova, and Kosovo have much lower GDP per capita, with Ukraine ranking last at just $5,660.

The article delves into the factors behind Ukraine’s economic struggles, including a history of underperformance, the impact of the 2022 invasion, and challenges like corruption and limited tax revenue sources. Despite these obstacles, Ukraine’s economic growth has stabilized to some degree while the fighting continues.

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This article shows a map of how much money each country in Europe makes per person. The richest countries are Luxembourg, Ireland, and Switzerland, where people make over $100,000 each. The Nordic countries like Norway and Denmark also do really well. But the countries in Eastern Europe, like Ukraine, make much less, with Ukraine being the poorest at just $5,660 per person.

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The article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the economic disparities across Europe, highlighting the stark contrasts in GDP per capita between the wealthiest and poorest nations in the region.