Lens Protocol

Sign up for a lens profile (official Twitter):


Thanks for the share, I signed up! :innocent:

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Found this Dune Dash for Lens:

Lens waitlist is live . You need to enter your phone number tho so idk lol

Eh so much for DeFi, I’m ok with my secondary lens profile, it looks like it works perfectly lol.

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video sharing platform on lens protocol, sign up for waitlist.
[also people are starting to realize lens is the next big thing lol]

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cool project built on lens. works like an index fund but here “troop members” have true control over their funds. i’ve created a troop on the platform called “LAMETARDS” and you can create yours too. for now , you need to dm the dev on tg before you create a troop. hit me up if you want to join my troop. Telegram: Contact @isaacdeinvestor

also they’re building other cool stuffs too, dev is based etc. definitely something to keep an eye on

lens apps in one place. sign up for waitlist

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