Important Announcements DNS hijacked: - DO NOT interact :rotating_light:

Revoke stable permissions if you’ve approved on Curve before, to be safe.

PSA: Update your Chrome browser ASAP! More info in the tweet below. :rotating_light:

Go to 3 dots in top corner > Help > About Google Chrome, let it update and relaunch.

PSA2: cBridge (celer) frontend comprimised. If you’ve recently used the bridge, revoke stables permissions (contract in the tweet below).

How to revoke permissions in DeFi

What a nice day! Update your iOS/Mac devices ASAP! :rotating_light:

PSA - if you run nodes on Hetzner :rotating_light:

:rotating_light: Update your Chrome browser ASAP! | CRITICAL ALERT: Chromium 0-Day

Google gave little to no details on this. They did mention its believed to be actively exploited. Recommend to UPDATE ASAP.