Humble Farms of the Week

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TLDR :cherry_blossom:

This article highlights 5 promising “humble farms” or yield opportunities in the DeFi space, including Scroll, Mitosis, Symbiotic, Elixir, and Ramses.

Key Points :dizzy:

  • Scroll is a ZK Rollup with various DeFi farming opportunities
  • Mitosis is a modular liquidity layer with Ecosystem Owned Liquidity (EOL)
  • Symbiotic is a restaking platform that has incentivized over $300M in TVL
  • Elixir aims to power the internet of orderbook liquidity
  • Ramses is an Arbitrum-based Solidly DEX with concentrated liquidity

In-depth Summary :hibiscus:

The article starts by introducing the “Humble Farms of the Week” segment, which highlights promising yield farming opportunities in the DeFi space.

The first farm featured is Scroll, a ZK Rollup that has raised over $80M and has a valuation close to $2B. The article suggests various ways to earn Scroll Marks (points) by providing liquidity on protocols like Aave, Ambient Finance, Pencils Protocol, and Nuri Exchange.

Next up is Mitosis, a modular liquidity layer that aims to solve complexities of modern farming through Ecosystem Owned Liquidity (EOL) and its own Layer One blockchain. Farming on Mitosis can earn you points not just for Mitosis, but also for Eigenlayer, EtherFi, Blast, and Linea.

The third farm is Symbiotic, a permissionless and flexible restaking platform that has already incentivized over $300M in TVL. The article recommends farming Symbiotic through Mellow Protocol to triple-dip on various points.

Elixir, a modular network aiming to power the internet of orderbook liquidity, is the fourth farm highlighted. With its TGE slated for August and a $800M valuation, Elixir is touted as a promising stablecoin farming opportunity.

Finally, the article covers Ramses, an Arbitrum-based Solidly DEX with concentrated liquidity. Ramses offers traditional token yields through swap fees, RAM, and ARB incentives, which the article deems quite lucrative.

ELI5 :lollipop:

This article talks about 5 different DeFi projects that are offering really good rewards (called “yields”) for people who use their services. The author thinks these projects are worth checking out if you want to try to earn some extra crypto.

Writer’s Main Point :cherry_blossom:

The main point of the article is to highlight 5 promising “humble farms” or yield farming opportunities in the DeFi space that the author believes are worth exploring for potential rewards.

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