How to router buy on AVAX chain

To buy AVAX tokens through AVAX router, you visit the TraderJoe router contract, connect your wallet and scroll to function 11.

For most deflationary/taxed tokens you wanna use function 11 instead of 10.

What to enter in function 11?

  • swapExactETHForTokensSupportingFeeOnTransferTokens:
    Amount of AVAX you want to spend (ie. 0.2 or 2 AVAX)

  • amountOutMin:
    Minimum amount of tokens you want to receive. This is essentially setting your slippage. You’ll have to do some math to figure this number out out. If you don’t care about slippage and just want to market buy, then enter 0

  • Path:
    You’re going enter in 2 addresses here. The first one is the wAVAX address. The second is the token address you’re buying. So if you’re buying JOE, you’ll enter 0xb31f66aa3c1e785363f0875a1b74e27b85fd66c7, 0x6e84a6216ea6dacc71ee8e6b0a5b7322eebc0fdd

  • To (address):
    This is the wallet address you want tokens sent to (usually your own wallet)

  • Deadline:
    This is when you want your transaction to expire if it hasn’t executed yet. Go to unix time converter and set it for some time in the future. An easy way to do this is to copy the current time (ie. it’s 161369 7 965 as I’m writing this) and change the 4th to last digit to 1 number higher to make it expire in about 17 minutes. (ie 161369 8 965)

  • Proceed as usual, by clicking “Write”.


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It should look like this if you have filled in every field correctly. This is for ETH, but it should make sense. This shows function 10, but it’s adviced to use function 11 because of tax tokens.