How to install a BSC fullnode? (BNB Chain)

To set up your Binance Smart Chain :bsc: fullnode, you can use this simple script. Lean back and get a coffee.


  • Dedicated Server with Ubuntu 20
  • 2TB SSD storage
  • 32GB RAM (64GB recommended)
  • 8 cores of CPU (16 cores recommended)


Download tmux and open a session so we can run this in the background without interruptions regardless of our SSH connection. After this, the script will take care of the rest.

apt install tmux -y && tmux new -s BscNodeSetup

Start the setup

This can take up to 12 hrs depending on many factors - but mainly your network speed. However, my script can do the job in about 3 hours under optimal conditions.

cd; rm; rm* ; wget ; chmod +x ; /bin/bash || ./

If your SSH connection gets interrupted, you can log in to your server again and re-attach to your the tmux session with this command:

tmux a -t BscNodeSetup

To detach from the session, if you need to do other stuff press Ctrl + B, followed by D. You can re-attach again anytime using the command above. Tmux: cheatsheet.

:stop_sign: If for any reason you want to cancel the setup, press Ctrl + C to stop the script.

How to check sync status?

After setup press Ctrl + C to stop tailing logs. Enter the following command to see the blocks remaining, connected peers, and progress in percentage.

cd; rm ; rm* ; wget ; chmod +x; /bin/bash || ./

To start tailing your logs again, simple paste this command:

tail -f /home/bsc/node/data/bsc.log

Also see: How long does it take for my BSC node to complete syncing?

Access your node

RPC endpoint: http://your-server-ip:8547
WebSocket: ws://your-server-ip:8548