Discord Updates - Rick Sanchez :discord:

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Rankings :trophy:

The reputation system has been replaced for rankings. Experience is given to the top 10 users and guilds on the hourly/weekly/monthly generated leaderboards.

A set amount of exp is given every day to the users and guilds on the leaderboards, where the most are given to the no. 1. It might take a while, before you even reach rank 1.

Ranking logic might change in the future, so consider this… Season 1?

:game_die: This is just a fun feature, luck is a big factor to getting first seen mark. However overtime, rankings should reflect the amount of time you/your guild is on the leaderboads.

Users :orangutan:

Users can check their ranking with .rep and check the ranking leaderboard with the slash command /rep.

If a user has a rank, it’s always shown on the leaderboards/burps right next to the username: mentionlux (13).

Start date: 2023-07-29T22:00:00Z

Guilds :european_castle:

The top 10 best ranked guilds, can be shown with /guildrep. For now, this is the only way to see guild ranks, so if you are not in the top-10, your guild rank remains a secret.

Guilds rank up significantly slower than users.

Start date: 2023-08-10T22:00:00Z

@server-admins: You can add the BurpBoard to your server - instructions here.

Discord Verified :white_check_mark:

I finally got Rick verified, you can now add him to your server :tada:

Check the admin guide for the invite + instructions.

AI behaviour change

Experimental change: lowercase “rick” is ignored, so for the AI, @mention the bot or “Rick” (with a Capital).

This should decrease the amount of unintended replies in your server.

:zap: TLDR: Join my server, add the burpboard + rick-updates to your server: Alpha Pack

Dear server owner (and members)!

I’m really grateful you added Rick to your community. I hope your members got used to his presence by now.

I want to use this rare announcement to offer some basic guidance, tips & news.

Some things I’d like to add

  • Rick AI ignores lowercase “rick” mentions.
  • Rick saying HP doesn’t always mean unsellable. Check SIM status for that. Honeypot status is raised if there are one or multiple flags.
  • Learn about user and guild rankings: read

Wish y’all a good day/night & sorry for disturbing the peace on your server :grinning:

@server-admins - You now have the choice to restrict the usage of commands that cost 20 credits or more.

This allows you to better manage guild credits usage. If the user has sufficient personal balance, this limitation is not effective.

This feature is enabled, if your server has the ‘Pickle Enthusiast’ role - to disable it anytime, just rename or delete the role. Only users with this role will be able to use commands that cost 20+ credits.

Added a warning for masked links to keep your server safe! :shield:

The socials command in Discord can be used in a new way.

  1. It works without the . prefix, so soc <token_contract> works now.
  2. You can search by query, like .x: soc pepe (keep in mind there is a reason I forced usage by contract, it ensures you always get the correct socials, when search returns the wrong token, you might get wrong socials - use at own risk).