Countries With the Highest Rates of Crypto Ownership

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This article explores the countries with the highest rates of cryptocurrency ownership, highlighting the United Arab Emirates as the global leader.

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  • The UAE has the highest rate of crypto ownership at 30.4% of the population, equivalent to 3 million people.
  • Vietnam leads Southeast Asia with 21.2% crypto ownership, followed by the U.S. at 15.6%.
  • Factors contributing to high crypto adoption include friendly government regulations, large unbanked populations, and tax-free crypto holdings.

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The article presents data from crypto payment gateway Triple-A, ranking the top 10 countries by their rate of cryptocurrency ownership. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) takes the top spot, with 30.4% of its population owning crypto, equivalent to 3 million people. This is attributed to the UAE’s crypto-friendly government policies, including regulations from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority and proposed zero taxes for crypto owners and businesses.

Vietnam also stands out, leading Southeast Asia with 21.2% crypto ownership. This high rate is partly due to the country’s large unbanked population, as cryptocurrencies can provide an alternative means of accessing financial services without relying on traditional banks. Other countries in the top 10 include the U.S. (15.6%), Iran (13.5%), the Philippines (13.4%), Brazil (12%), and Saudi Arabia (11.4%).

The article also notes that if countries were ranked by the actual number of crypto owners, India would lead with 93 million, followed by China with 59 million, and the U.S. with 52 million.

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This article talks about which countries have the most people who own cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The country with the highest percentage of people owning crypto is the United Arab Emirates, with about 30% of its population (3 million people) owning crypto. Other countries with a lot of crypto owners include Vietnam, the United States, Iran, and the Philippines. The article explains that some of the reasons for high crypto ownership are friendly government policies, large numbers of people without access to traditional banking, and tax-free crypto holdings.

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The main point of this article is to highlight the countries with the highest rates of cryptocurrency ownership, with a focus on the United Arab Emirates as the global leader in this metric. The data provides insights into the factors driving crypto adoption around the world.