Charted: The World’s Highest Homicide Rates, in Each Region

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The article examines the highest homicide rates around the world, with the South America and Caribbean region having the most deadly countries.

Key Points

  • :jamaica: Jamaica has the highest homicide rate globally at 53.3 per 100,000 people
  • :south_africa: South Africa has the highest murder rate in Africa at 34.0 per 100,000
  • :mexico: Mexico is the most dangerous country in North America with over 30,000 murders per year

In-depth Summary

The article looks at the countries with the highest homicide rates in each major region of the world. The South America and Caribbean region is the deadliest, with Jamaica, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago topping the list. This is largely driven by organized crime and the proliferation of illegal firearms, often smuggled from the United States.

In Africa, South Africa has the highest murder rate, with 2.4 million illegal guns circulating in the country during a time of record crime. North America is led by Mexico, which has sued several major U.S. gun manufacturers over their alleged role in supplying weapons to criminal organizations.

The regions with the lowest homicide rates are Oceania and Europe, though even Europe has seen a concerning rise in violence, with Russia’s murder rate spiking 900% as soldiers return from the war in Ukraine.


The article shows which countries have the most murders happening in them. The Caribbean and South America are the most dangerous places, with Jamaica being the #1 most murderous country. A lot of the violence is caused by gangs and guns that get smuggled in from other countries. Other dangerous places include South Africa and Mexico. The safest regions are Oceania and Europe, but even Europe has seen more murders lately because of the war in Ukraine.

Writer’s Main Point

The main point of the article is to highlight the regions and countries around the world that have the highest homicide rates, driven by factors like organized crime, the illegal drug trade, and the proliferation of firearms. It provides a sobering look at the global epidemic of violent crime.

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