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List in random order.

  • Rep ranking list (+ server filter?)
  • Add view count to leaderboard
  • Implement GM streak
  • Make /burp a public command
  • Make sure that un-honeyed tokens get updated in the database


Logging changes since 2023-05-19T22:00:00Z

Rick V

FIX: ...
DEV: ...

Rick 0.2a

Initial alpha release

This release introduces new user-centric features, enhances message and leaderboard handling, fixes long token name support, and refines AI response and leaderboard generation.

FEATURE: Rick is Morty for members with the role "Morty"
FEATURE: /gm & /gn commands track your time awake.
FEATURE: slash command "lookatme" shows a personal leaderboard for the user, based on the last known FDV.
FEATURE: "/allstars" shows all-time leaderboard based on last known FDV

IMPROVE: AI ignores short messages (10 characters minimum)
IMPROVE: Hide KNOWN honeypots from the leaderboards - leaderboard generation does NOT run hpModule
IMPROVE: Listens to 'Morty' instead of 'Rick' for members roled "Morty"

FIX: Support for long token names

DEV: Improve AI response formatting
DEV: Store last known FDV when generating leaderboards

Rick 0.3a

This update incorporates top holders in default price check, enhances ‘Morty’ behavior, improves chat summarization logic, and outlines plans for future BscScan integration for the top holders line.

FEATURE: Default price check now returns top holders (EtherScan hardcoded) #TODO: Add BscScan support

IMPROVE: Significantly better Morty behavior

FIX: Chat summarization logic handled way better

Rick 1.0beta

The initial public version release includes the introduction of /post for creating static embeds, auto-activation prompts for Rick upon server joining, real-time data return with .ask, and leaderboard accuracy improvements for multiple pairs. The update also beautifies price embeds for readability, enhances its logic, and initiates an ads codebase.

RELEASE: Initial release of the public (non-whitelisted) version

FEATURE: Added /post to create static embeds.
FEATURE: Upon joining a new server, Rick will try to send a @here message with requirements to activate the bot.
FEATURE: Private test with .ask, AI returns real time data

FIX: Wrong FDV on leaderboards when there are multiple pairs. We track pairs now, not contracts. 

UX: Pretty up priceWidget for readablity

DEV: Improve priceWidget logic
DEV: Initial codebase for ads

Rick 1.1beta

This update introduces the rep system with time-bound voting and .rep command for user reputation display, improves time logic for /gm /gn commands, and implements minor adjustments in anticipation of new Discord usernames.

FEATURE: Initial version of rep system (reply ++ or -- to a message, once per 60 min)
FEATURE: Add .rep to show rep for the msg user
FEATURE: Add .p command for shorter embed with price info

IMPROVE: Time logic for /gm /gn commands
IMPROVE: Greatly improve chat summaries (.d command)

FIX: Ensure that honeypot status is stored upon detecting one

DEV: Small changes to prepare for the new Discord usernames

Rick V1.2beta

FEATURE: Check for HP when the autoresponder runs 
FEATURE: .p shows simple HP yes/no).
FEATURE: "/creds" shows reputation leaderboard

IMPROVE: Test in Cryptic where Rick ignores replies to his messages for 60 seconds to avoid unwanted chains of replies.

DEV: Codebase to set a global required level role (e.g. "Level 5") to use the AI #TODO: Verify a guild has this role before enforcing the filter.

Rick V1.3beta

IMPROVE: Move the token name for reading convenience
IMPROVE: Summary now include reply-to messages for better context
IMPROVE: Testing alternative label:data view for readability for priceWidget 
FIX: When a token is not a HP anymore, include it in the leaderboards again

Rick V1.4beta

FIX: Sometimes pairAddress was not consistent due to HP.IS and caused a token to be stored twice, ensure we always pass the correct pairAddress when writing to the db
DEV: ...