America’s Takeout Food Preferences: A Decade of Change

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Over the past decade, Americans’ takeout food preferences have shifted from more varied cuisine to a greater focus on American and Mexican dishes, with French fries becoming the most-ordered item.

Key Points

  • :fries: French fries are now the most-ordered takeout food, surpassing the Panera chipotle chicken sandwich from 2013.
  • :taco: Mexican and American cuisine have become more dominant in the top 10 most-ordered items, replacing more diverse options like Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern.
  • :pizza: Finger foods like fries, wings, pizza, and tacos have become the most popular takeout choices.

In-depth Summary

The article examines how Americans’ takeout food preferences have changed over the past decade, using data from delivery giant DoorDash. In 2013, the top 10 most-ordered items included a diverse range of cuisines, from the Panera chipotle chicken sandwich to pork potstickers and hummus. However, by 2023, the list has shifted significantly, with French fries taking the top spot, followed by other American and Mexican staples like chicken quesadillas, mozzarella sticks, and spicy chicken sandwiches.

The data shows a clear trend towards more “finger foods” and comfort classics, with pizza, wings, and fried rice also making the top 10. The only item to remain in the top 10 over the decade is the Cobb salad, though it has fallen in the rankings. Interestingly, the chipotle chicken sandwich is no longer on the list, but spicy chicken sandwiches have risen to the 5th spot.


Over the last 10 years, people in America have started ordering more simple, easy-to-eat foods like french fries, chicken sandwiches, and pizza for takeout. They used to order a wider variety of foods like Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, but now they mostly want classic American and Mexican foods that they can easily eat with their hands.

Writer’s Main Point

The article highlights how Americans’ takeout food preferences have become more concentrated around American and Mexican cuisine, with a focus on finger foods and comfort classics, over the past decade.

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